we want you to feel like we found the leaked footage from your wildest dreams and made a wedding out of it.

what will your elopement or intimate wedding look like?

An elopement or intimate wedding allows your close family members & friends to support your future together in a smaller ceremony.

The term “eloping” sometimes still carries a negative stigma, but we're here to break that!

Elopements are the bees-knees because it means you can focus on each other and not have to plan and prepare for the hundreds of guests and the rigorous schedule that accompanies big weddings.

We’ll remind you

We’ll Help you

we’re not the “snap + dash” type

on things to pack

curate your timeline

You don’t get us for only your wedding day — you get us for your entire wedding planning process.

we’ll show you where to

We’ll suggest some of

get all the permits

our favorite vendors

We do every damn thing possible to capture you floating in your bliss every second of your day with a face splitting smile. Stress-free and laugh-crying so hard because you’re so in love.

We focus on making you so comfortable you might as well be in your sweats (but please don’t be in your sweats, unless that’s what you're going for, then, by all means, go for it).

We’ll send over

We can

our planning guides

officiate your love!

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We're eddie & NAncy!



Your day should include your eyes tearing up, your lip curled into a forever smile, and your heart bursting with joy. We want to capture that emotion on camera.

One thing we will promise you - we will slap any and all stress in the face (gently) and put your priorities on a pedestal that no one can touch!

We’ll make you feel like you’re in the best indie rom-com without even lifting a finger.

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we know the ultimate question for most couples is —

When there's only one drunk dancer on the floor, and you've squeezed every last drop of beauty and bliss out of the day until it's practically dehydrated, you will have precisely 3(ish) things to help you relive this day: your love, your memories, your photos. And it’s the photos that you’ll come back to year after year.

As time flies by, you'll find that these photos will earn their weight in gold, and then some. Your photos will last longer than that doughnut wall or flowers, and even longer than your memories (at least for us, we can't even remember what was for dinner last week...) We’re talking foreverrrrr.

But even if you have the best photos in the world, they will mean nothing if the experience of capturing them isn't as equally incredible.

If you didn’t have a wedding day with photographers who got you, became instant friends, and put your comfort first, you could just end up with photographs without the meaning and magic behind them.

We want you to have it all on your wedding day. The pictures will just be proof that you lived and loved and had a kick-ass day with friends behind the camera, capturing every little moment.

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kind words

“they really get to know you as a couple, and as individuals, to bring a custom feeling in your photographs.”

“truly the definition of the dynamic duo. they are the perfect balance of calm and collected, vibrant and joyful.”

"nancy and eddie were so easy to work with and made us feel comfortable enough to show our goofy side."

- Lauren + Jason

- Erin + Jesse

- Jessica + Jake

what’s that? a trace?! not on our watch!

Since a lot of our sessions and weddings are outdoors, we make sure we’re leaving these gorgeous locations as we found them. The LNT ethics and best practices make sure we have a kick-ass time while also protecting the outdoors.

In order to enjoy these beautiful places sustainably and responsibly, we need to protect our natural world for future visitors. Still have no idea what we’re talking about or how this works? We’ll send you an Leave No Trace guide when you book with us!



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After the call, we solidify your date and send over the contract for you to sign!

You'll get a free consultation with us to get all the nitty, gritty details! We learn alll about you, your love, and your story.

Visit our contact form to inquire with us about elopement packages in Los Angeles and California!

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our custom packages for your out of this world love

All of our custom packages start at 3 hours of continuous coverage and include unlimited location planning and assistance, our super secret *Early Night couples only* guides, a complimentary couples session in California, your own personal online gallery with full gallery downloading, printing rights, and all travel fees included!

Starting At:


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...and a couple more things


8MM Films

Couples Sessions

Your relationship is ever-changing and ever-evolving. Our couples sessions celebrate each step you take with each other.

The small victories, the really weird dates, the Netflix binge nights. Whatever date night you’ve always dreamt of having, we’re alllll about joining in with you on that experience to document all your laughs and love!

For when you want to hear and see your memories in motion and on film. We like to call it your own personal instagram story of your wedding day on film.

From mini packages to full day packages, our creative films capture your love on legit 8mm film (plus digital because we’re sticklers on ensuring duplicate data everrrrrywhere).

Starting at $4000

Starting at $850

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Kind words

Sam + Tim

“To catch us in our emotional state, without staging or forcing a shot, and capturing these gorgeous photos is not something many photographers do. Nancy and Eddie are intuitive and know how to bond with both the bride and groom in a way that makes the entire day seamless. They are aware of the mood, the lighting, the setting, the vibe, and all that you are looking for.”